Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sadies 2009!! :)

the group

KC and Me

The group again

the group- Garett, Dustin, Kyler, KC

Heather, Megan, Jessica, Me

the group

raising the bar lol :)

the boys

girls nice

the girls- funny

Me and KC

the group

the girls Me, Megan, Jessica, Heather

Me and KC... the sun was way bright haha

the girls :)

KC, Dustin, Kyler, Garett

the boys

wow ok this date was awesome. we had so much fun just going with a bunch of friends :) here are some pictures we took at salem pond. we started the date at 430 and picked up the guys. then we went to take pictures which i think turned out really cute :) after pictures we took jessica's 15 passenger van to chuck e cheeses :) it was a blast!! i remember chuck e cheese being a little bigger and more amazing, but then again i used to be a little shorter too haha :) my date and i earned almost 1000 tickets together when the other 3 couples had 1600 combined. haha :) i've never won so many tickets from there before. when we were about out of tokens we took pictures in that sketch pad place. we sorta took over the machine and by the time we were done i think we had over 20 pictures. haha :) then we went to pick prizes and left for the dance.

at the dance, the boys put on a performance as the back street boys haha :) i can't believe they actually went through with it. they did an awesome job haha :) when we were done w/ the dance, we went to maceys to get some ice cream. once we got the ice cream we went back to jessica's house to eat. we ended up playing a cops and robbers type of game boys against girls. so much fun haha :) well... there's the update for now :) ttyl :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

catching up...

k i've been way too busy to really post anything up here. nothing too interesting has happened since homecoming. it's gotten way colder, the paint is off my car :), i'm working at little caesars with a ton of friends, and i've spent my whole fall break babysitting siblings. fun right? haha no not really. but owell :) i've been getting papers for college and stuff and i already ordered my class ring... scary huh? i can't believe that in 3 months from tomoro i'm going to be 17!!! and i have like a whole 4 day weekend to celebrate it on :) exciting!! haha. well.... miss you all!! i'll talk to you later!!


k i know this is WAY late, but here it goes... haha homecoming was pretty fun :)

json asked me by having a friend come up and cover my eyes while he handed me a bouquet of flowers, a card, and a symphony bar :) it was raining outside so the flowers wilted before i got a good picture :(

i answered him by putting a ton of pink balloons in his truck with pigs drawn on them. then i wrote all over the windows "when pigs fly":) and on one of the balloons i wrote "yes i'll go to homecoming with you" json thought it would be funny to write it on my car the next day. (well, my dad's car, but he's even said a couple times that its my car lol)

the game that friday was way fun :) jessica and i painted our faces and made skyhawk masks. next year we've decided to go all out :) we also wrote all over the car

sat morning, json and his parents picked me up to go watch his cousin play football. it was way cute watching these 3 1/2 foot boys running around tackling eachother in uniforms and pads that looked a few sizes too big for them. haha :)

then, we went to ruby river for lunch. i had to get back by like 4 to go get my hair done :) janna came by to take pictures and watch :)

after my hair was done, i went home and got ready. the theme was "a night in paris" the cafeteria was way pretty :) wish i got some pictures of it. they had a huge eifel tower in the middle of the room that lit up. then they decorated some tables and booths all formal. it was really pretty :)

we left the dance early and went back to json's house to watch "prom night" :) when his parents came to pick us up from the dance, there was a small bouquet of yellow roses on my seat :) it was really sweet :)

well... srry theres not a ton of detail but that was like a month ago lol :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

sorry i haven't been updating the blog...

this school year has been CRAZY!! ever since we've been home from california its just busy busy busy all teh time. i feel like the energizer bunny... so yea as you probably coulda guessed, i don't ahve time still to put pictures up and everything... i hope to get that done this weekend but no promises lol :) my mom pretty much posted all my stuff on her blog :) home coming was a blast!!! the theme was "a night in paris" i'll tell ya more later ;) haha well talk to ya later!! :)

music <3